Hope this reaches you well

I’m diggin a well

Hydration is apparent

this generation lack Parents

Seeds growin wild

not my style

I prefer Horticulture

let the vulture know  “not the one”

miniature Sun

Epitome of Energy

raising one fist

you know Power in this

Built for War

prefer the Presence of Peace

Keep your lies

don’t add insult

Keep the practices of your cult

I’m in the Know

verbal elbows

Don’t step on my Shell toe’s

No need to explain They Know

the pain They inflicted

Theft of Riches

Lack Talents We Gifted

Not created Equal

Return the Earth

Before it Self-Destructs

Land Fills and Oil Spills

Didn’t Exist When we Ran this Bytch

Just Cures and  Elevation of Vibrations

Manufactured ailments

Depict what you Lack

My Strength is Black

To: Anonymous

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