Knowledge deprivation

I killed the son of satan

I be contemplatin

Rising a Hidden Nation

Debatin on Liberation

I am Not Provoked

Nor equally yoked

Shoot holes in ships

That resemble boats

I’m Manic you demonic

Moving at the speed of sonic

Uprootin hedges & foundations

Built on translation

How great are you

When you rely or parlor tricks

altered mirrors called politics

A wall of solid shyt

Home of counterfeit politics

Where Business School’s

Teach you how to

Dismantle a Corporation

CEO is the new crime

Snitchin went Big Tyme

Loyalty got you Fed Tyme

Bein Real make you a Pariah

Made lier’s comfortable in Fire

And I’m still reachin Higher

What’s in me is Eternal Life

Not what’s broadcasted

My Image is never captured

You made me a Bastard

Prey on addictive personalities

Try this crack Murder is Wack

Voice of God

Making it hard for deception

Carry many weapons

Terrain varies

Keep grip








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