How do you teach me lies

Yet you ask for honesty

Honestly facing this world

I’m surprised there is still honest in me

Honestly honor found me

because of the choices I made

When no one was around me

Prefer facts to fictions

Yet your depiction of me

Lack facts all fiction

I appear strong and just

Yet you clutch your purse

While your clutch

Clutches your worth

Which was stolen from me


You choose when to apply honesty

So instead of gazing at my projection

Examine your interior

What’s the definition of

Inferiority complex

I’m passed conscious

Thesaurical oracle

Aimed at your essence

Mr. Homoerectus

Why you keep renaming history

and do you come from Mu


I drew a blank and that shot out

but that ain’t a cop out

I would love for the real cops to

Stand out

We in a drought

The people thirsty for justice

Or is it just us

To stand up to the fux up’s

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