Dirty as Flint Water

the Population Gettin Slaughtered

All For Profit

Justice & Religion Is big Business

wish I was kidding

Wish Evil Would Disappear

Evaporate In thin Air

Birthed from Disparage and Hope

I used too now Refuse To Vote

Why Do career Crooks Resemble Politicians

Schools and Churches Implore us Not To Think

Resemble Prisons or Jails, Not

In There I felt God Grow In Me

Maybe that’s why Islam Watched Over Me

I’m a be the King God projected me to be

Bless Other’s One Out of Wedlock

I Proposed and She Wasn’t even My Type

Defer to All my Ex’s they Bad Than a Mother

Minus her Mother Met Me and Gained more than Edges

I’m In My Feelings because You Gave me False Pledges

God’s Lesson on Settlin not Havin Patience and meddlin

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