Sheep in Wolf garb

Transitions are hard

Culturally we’ve been hit

Still nursin the scars

Redevelopment of a Nation

Hate is still hatin

For poeple lyke me no relation

Hope is amazin

Illuminates the darkest depth

Where secret are kept

Tortured into the current position

I’m in pain but never submittin

As my family hangs

It’s strange we bare fruit

Forced free labor

So you could never give

I’m owed peace and half of a pie

No matter how you deny

We still get by

Our strength is Love

Our past is true

Even if it doesn’t resonate with you

In current tymes

You play the victim and the victor

convoluted the picture

Rewrote our scriptures

Removed our noses

Buried them in the ground

And what grew was Roses

Yet and still transposin

A plan in motion

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