Growth begets knowledge

Knowledges begets power

Power begets tyme

Please tell all these haters

HoLLa’s just fyne

Maturing as fyne wyne

Published trials

Maintainin the smile

I’ve been gone for a while

Still fighten for my child

Stopped payin the ransom

Missin my baby it’s drivin me crazy

Just because this chick want to be lazy

Get tha whole fux out of hea

Be clear

Extortion had me stuck as portrait

It’s my hand but she forced it

You can’t keep my child away

And force me to pay

You fell and bumped ya head

You see how gyrl’s end up

Without their father’s

I came up doin what I had to

Didn’t have my father so I had to

Not my baby I have to be present

Her presence is my present

And you robbin me

Enough is enough

Took that pain and put it in

Been tryin for years

Can’t reason with Jade

Or listen to peers

When they speak from fear

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