Currents of Rage

Displayed on the front page

Below the guise of Greatness

Pure hatred or fake shyt

Stickin to the basics

Keeps you grounded

Justice is unfounded

While crime is astounding

Neglect compounds sentiments of criminality

Becoming the norm

These are just the clouds

We haven’t even entered the storm

Last born

Refuse to conform

Questions the norm and what happened to you

After you were formed

And the discord

That you uphold and leave humanity in the cold

Leaves my logic agape

In search of a bridge that’s hid

Purpose replaced by needs

Lyfe replaced by greed

Lyfe where you avoid the truth’s

And prefer to be deceived

I Can’t Breathe

Asphyxiated by falsehoods

And, false Prophet claiming it’s

All Good

When they a long walk from

My Hood

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